Cuadros Eléctricos JM

Company specialized in the design, development and implantation of all types of electrical panels.

Cuadros Eléctricos JM

Company specialized in the design, development and implantation of all types of electrical panels, providing personalized and proprietary technical solutions, modern and capable of satisfying the highest requirements in reliability, availability, maintenance and safety.


WE USE TOOLS SUCH AS EPLAN, SEE ELECTRICAL, AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL to optimize the design of electrical panels saving time, minimizing possible errors and creating efficient solutions both technically and in terms of budget. DEVELOPMENT OF WIRING DIAGRAMS, simplify the work, MATERIALS LISTING, FRONTIS.


In accordance with the needs of our clients, ur activity is carried out at national and international level, for this we have a team made up of specialists with a high degree of qualification in order to guarantee that each project meets the quality, efficiency and economy characteristics that define our company.


Our Manufacture of electrical panels, for distribution up to 6300A, control panels for air conditioning, industrial cold, boiler rooms, pumping systems, automata and a long etc. All our panels include customized wiring diagrams, along with the testing and verification protocol.

In addition to being a manufacturer-certified workshop this guarantees the highest manufacturing standards.


We manufacture for sectors such as air conditioning, aspirations, distribution for homes, hospitals, hotels ..., automatisms for industrial machinery, sports facilities ... in short, for any installation that needs a high quality electrical panel.


Quality is a constant in our manufacturing.



These are a sample of our most significant works.

CGBT Banco Santander

Electrical Panels for Banco Santander headquarters in Luca de Tena, General Panels and Panels with BCPMS.

CCM Facility

Control Panel of Desalination Plant Motors in removable construction for continuous operation.

CGBT Algiers Airport

Low Protection General Panel for the New Algiers Airport Terminal with PLC for load shedding.

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Located in Pepino near Talavera de la Reina and very close to Madrid, CEJM grows with the ambition of manufacturing high quality electrical panels.


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